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Hajj- Reliance on Allah to Allah

During our great grandfather time, they had to travel by ship for hajj. They had to leave few months before Zhulhijjah. Some narrated, they had to leave as early as the month of Rejab. Ustaz Amin Yusuf was saying this is the reason, those days, the people hajj are accepted because of the hardship. Just imagine if you are going to hajj, you have to leave your family, business and even work for almost half a year. Some even left their family for almost a year or 2. The people back then had strong tawakkal to Allah.

Sayyidina Hasan bin Ali RA, the grandson of Syaidina Rasulluah sallahu alaiyihi wa sallam went hajj 25 times walking. Shaykh Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Umar bin Abdullah Bagharib walked from tarim to medina and mekkah for hajj 35 times. Each village he arrived before the blessed land, he will teach for few days and then he continue his journey until he reached medina then mekkah. There are many stories of Awliyah Allah walking and willing to sacrifice anything for Allah to do hajj.

For us today, we are facing different challenges. With so much luxury and the sense of belonging. its always difficult to imagine we have to go through such situation especially for Singaporeans because many things are at risk. At times, we have to realize, things can only be achieve if we are willing to sacrifice things that we love, knowingly it is for Allah.Hajj is to teach us, we forsake everything in life for Allah before it will be taken away from us when death arrive.

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