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Hajj- The destiny of man to Allah

One of the realities of hajj is zuhd (asceticism). It does not mean abstaining from being rich. It means to detach our hearts from the love of this world. We are blinded by wealth, status, knowledge and lineage with pride, arrogance and jealousy. There are many different levels of asceticism that we may not be able to realise which affect our lives, faith and worship.

Zuhd is to spend our wealth for Allah completely not expecting anything in return. Like how we spend our money to travel to hajj. We are willing to sacrifice our wealth, doesn't matter how much it costs, leaving our work and family for Allah. Some people may not be rich but they are able to perform hajj because they believe and are certain in sacrificing their wealth with whatever amount they have for them to perform their hajj. Their hearts have nothing but the yearning and love for Allah.

Zuhd is to give up what we love of dunya for the sake of Allah. We have to leave our work, family, children, friends, home and dunya activities to travel a far distance for several days to perform hajj. So we leave our dunya affairs to Allah and trust Him in our rizk. This is to remind us to be sincere to Allah. We are going to die one day leaving everything behind. We don't own them. They belong to Allah like us.

Zuhd is also to humble ourselves to keep tawbah, istigfar, selawat, zikr and reading quran for us to be among those who are shukr and ikhlas, not ending up like iblis even though we perform ibadah.

Zuhd is to be like the prophet, rich in the heart not worrying about lack of rizk. You are constantly donating and in service to those who are poor and need you. You are generous, kind, loving and forgiving like the prophet.

Zuhd is to love the creations of Allah whether they are black or white, rich or poor, muslims or not because they came from Allah and to Allah they shall return like us.

Zuhd is also abstaining ourselves from overeating (eating disorder) which can affect our life, iman and worship. When we look into the rituals of the hajj. All of it require our physical strength besides mental, emotional and spiritual. So to take care of our body is part of amanah to Allah. If we do not take care of our body, it's difficult to perform any form of worship let alone hajj. The body is to attain gnosis through the mercy of Allah.

Khalid Ajmain

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