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Make the most of 10 days in Dhul hijjah

Even though we can’t perform hajj this year. It’s not too late to do this for this year dhul hijjah

1 ) fast on the 9 days if you can

2) make solat tawbah every night before sleep

3) increase your selawat

4) Sedekah to the poor or anyone who need financial help at any amount you can give

5) performing Qurban at any places to feed the poor

6) increase your istigfar

7) walk distance (any places) with zikr in your heart to reflect the reality of those perform hajj doing their rituals.

8) make Dua for those who are in difficulty wherever they are .

9) spend time with family & friends.

10)! Make Dua for those who are performing hajj. May Allah accept their hajj.

11) reflect on the story of prophet ibrahim being instructed to sacrifice his son prophet Ismail.

12) zikr allahu Akhbar as much as we can

13 reflect upon the hajj and sermon of the prophet ﷺ on the day of Arafah

14) zikR la ilaha illallah as much as we can

15) make Dua for Allah to bring us to hajj

16) fast on the day of Arafah

17) solat Eidul Adha

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