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The Ego, Bitterness of Circumstance, & Patience

The following is an excerpt from the transcript of “Companionship with Allah”, a Sout Ilaahi Live Lecture by Shaykh Walead Mosaad.

Despite the bitterness of circumstance as according to our nufus—the bitterness is not because our spirit feels bitter; our spirits are pure, and our spirits can only love what Allah has decreed for us. The bitterness is from our nufus; our egos that feel bitter about the situation. 

So, you summon from your innermost core, from your sirr, from your ruh (soul), the patience and forbearance to counter the bitterness that the ego is tasting. If you do that, then you have the feeling of serenity and expansion in your chest. The ones who are afflicted by calamity, and they say, “To Allah we belong and to Allah we return”—they remind themselves who they are, where they’re going, and what it’s all about—they say, “We are for Allah, and we have been returning to Allah.” 

We’re on our way already [back to Allah]; the moment that we’re born, we’re already aging, we’re already dying. So as soon as you’re born, you start to age, then you start to die. You’re on your way back to God, to Allah SWT, so they remind themselves of this. 

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