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Illuminating hearts through Sacred Knowledge

Established in 2006 by Khalid Ajmain, Sout Ilaahi started out with the production of qasidah (spiritual music). This is how the name "Sout Ilaahi" came about. In Arabic, Sout Ilaahi means "Divine Voice". 

Over the years, Sout Ilaahi grew and focused on event management, organizing several events and classes with local as well as foreign speakers, exploring diverse topics from Islamic Spirituality to Islamic Psychology.  Sout Ilaahi aims to connect Muslims in Singapore with traditional Islamic scholars who are well-versed both in traditional Islamic sciences and contemporary issues such as depression, stress management, loneliness, and anxiety. Our events center around topics that promote a holistic approach to managing life's challenges through mental, emotional and spiritual upliftment. It is our hope and aspiration that our events will continue to serve as a bridge between society and the healing warmth of Divine Love and Light.

Our Mission

To facilitate the understanding of sacred knowledge within the community through educational programs that increases Yaqeen (Certainty) and Taqwa (God-consciousness).

Our Vision

Leading the community towards purposeful living based on true appreciation of sacred knowledge. 

Our Values


We believe in sincerity of purpose, which drives us to triumph amidst challenges.



We believe that compassion, derived from Prophetic (ﷺ) mercy, should drive all actions.



We believe in an inclusive environment that everyone can call home. 



We believe in delivering our best and work towards continuous improvements.


Personal Growth

We believe in maximizing potential and driving mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Our Founder

Khalid Ajmain, is a graduate of the School of Audio Engineering. He has several years of professional experience in audio production as well as event management. He was the Director of Straits Records between 1998-2002, where he was involved in the production and promotion of the albums of several local bands. Beyond his professional pursuits, Khalid devoted himself to humanitarian work, providing aid to countries struck by natural disasters and poverty in Aceh, Jogjakarta, East Timor, and Africa. His dedication to community service extended to volunteering as a Befriender at Darul Arqam, the Muslim Converts’ Association for many years, where he conducted the Beginner’s course for converts.


Khalid's spiritual journey led him to a pesantren (Islamic school) in Solo, Indonesia, where he studied under renowned scholars such as Habib Sholeh Al-Jufri, Habib Ali Al-Joofrie, Kiyai Sholeh Masrur, and Ustaz Romli. This experience became the foundation of his coaching practice, where he empowers clients from diverse backgrounds to find clarity and purpose in their lives. As an ICF-certified coach, Khalid is adept at assisting individuals in discovering their true potential. His passion for connecting with people and his sound understanding of Islamic spirituality shines through in his daily writings and reflections. He possesses a unique ability to explain spirituality in a relatable and meaningful manner, resonating deeply with those seeking guidance on their spiritual paths.

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Our Director

Ainun is the Director of Sout Ilaahi. She graduated from the School of Film and Media Studies and worked as a video editor for several years. She then transitioned to a managerial role in the Islamic education sector, heading the Administration, Information Technology and Human Resource department. At Sout Ilaahi, Ainun realized her passion and purpose, which lies in empowering individuals to find healing and well-being. Ainun holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a testament to her deep interest in the human mind and its intricacies. She actively seeks knowledge and enjoys delving into books, often immersing herself in the written word to gain new perspectives. Ainun finds solace and rejuvenation in nature, embracing the transformative power of the natural world. In her free moments, Ainun savors the simple pleasures of life, indulging in the aroma and flavor of a cup of coffee while engaging in contemplative reflection. She hopes to continue to weave narratives that inspire and uplift others.

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