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Allah is with you

Many of us are hoping for miracles in Ramadan for us to feel the spiritual ambience in this blessed month. We hope to be in such blessed places to define our spiritual state, to feel that we are closer to Allah but the reality is that, not every Ramadan, it will be the same experience and we will go thru different test. It doesn’t mean we are no longer closer to Allah or having the spiritual connection and experience with Allah.

We forget that everything in life will not last forever. Its a journey in which our hearts learn how to be connected with Allah in every circumstance because Allah is not bound by time, space and distance. It could be you work, sickness, family or brokenness that make Allah be with your closer than ever. He grant you laylatur qadr and accept all your prayer and other forms of ibadah because struggle make our hearts yearn for Allah and our nafs lose its strength.

Learn to have good opinion of Allah in our brokenness and weakness. We are weak. We are humans. Allah know that we need Him. So don’t be too hard on ourselves but at the same time do not lax with our nafs. It’s ok to cry to let ourselves out. Trying to let go of our emotions and struggle. This moment shall passed but at the same time, zikr, selawat and read Quran to let our hearts know Allah is always with us.

Khalid Ajmain

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