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Healthy marriage

Healthy marriage is the key to the growth of the marriage itself.

In a healthy marriage, you are able to deal with expectations appropriately and realise the need to keep improving yourself and your relationship in the marriage with your spouse.

You may not have luxury, traveling for holiday or having children in your marriage but you can still be happy, content and be grateful if you witness the blessings of Allah in your marriage.

. You don’t run away from your problems. You face it with an open heart. You are willing to learn from others how to understand the core problem in your marriage.

. Healthy marriage is not about having perfect relationships. Being a perfect spouse or parents. It’s about learning how to be able to serve one another and help each other to grow together sincerely and gracefully.

. Healthy marriage makes you help to heal each other together and realise you need each other for Allah.

Coach Khalid Ajmain

Join Ainun Harun and Khalid Ajmain at their Sunday 7 July 2023, 8pm online workshop on building a healthy and spiritual marriage

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