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Shaykh Zakaria Bagharib

On 6th shawal the late shaykh Zakaria Bagharib left this world. It was 13 years ago. We felt like it was yesterday. For many years I have been traveling around the world to seek the truth to be on the spiritual path to Allah through the awliya in many different continents. From Nusantara to the north & west Africa horizon. He will always be remembered. He’s the first teacher who taught me the importance of Sufism, awliya and knowledge. It’s through him I began to know the awliya.

My herbalist Wahab who knew Shaykh Zakaria so well through their times as a student of Shaykh Umar al Khatib ever told me how shaykh Zakaria was one of the sincerest person and murid he ever knew and this was why his teachings remain with us even though he’s not a murshid or even a complete scholar. His knowledge nurtured our souls until the day we die. Everyone has their own role.

Shaykh Zakaria had impacted many people from all walks of life. I know he had helped so many people from the poor, converts and to those who need him in every difficult situation behind the scene. He would be there to assist anyone. I learn to be generous, kind, sincere and humble like shaykh Zakaria. Hopefully I will be like him one day. Today so many people still talked about him. His knowledge, love, humour, kindness, generosity and humility.

My last experience with him was selawat fatih. He was encouraging me to read the selawat fatih. My wife gained ijazah from him selawat fatih a year before his death. Allah is the planner of our life. After his death within a year. Allah guides me to meet shaykh Mahy Cissé through my wife. I enhanced the reality of selawat fatih through Shaykh Mahy Cissé.

May Allah bless shaykh Zakaria. Al fateha

Photo: This was the last hajj shaykh Zakaria did with his beloved and closest murid Poon Kiok Ngee. They both played an important role on my spiritual path. May Allah gather us together with the prophet ﷺ and awliya on the day judgment. Amiin.

Ps: There are so much to write about our late shaykh after 9 years being with him every week. InshaAllah will be writing my experience with him in a book soon. Make Dua for it to be beneficial

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