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The last solat terawih

Last night was the last solat terawih. SubahanAllah I was able to pray at masjid Baalawi in Singapore. It’s my favourite mosque. It has a unique and cozy ambience. Solat isya will began at 8.45pm followed by terawih, witr and some qasidah to enlighten our night. We had ice cream and bandung after the majlis. I’m so happy to see Habib Hasan al Attas. Habib was concern about my health and well being since it’s been a long time since we had met.

The reason I was able to pray terawih at the masjid was because of my wife’s nephew, Mohammad al Bagir who wants to go to the Baalawi mosque since he missed the environment. He grew up in the mosque with Habib grandchildren and other Jemaah too. It’s beautiful to see how he grow up gracefully through the mosque and with Habib himself in having good adab and being able to be mature at his young age.

I thank Allah I was able to pray at the masjid. The only experience I had in this year Ramadan. It’s sufficient for me. I realise the reality of shukr being able to solat, zikr, selawat, reading Quran and tawbah. May Allah accept it. There will be those who are unable to pray at the masjid or even to terawih due to their sickness and work. It’s ok. Allah knows our condition. What is important is for us to have the intention to do anything for the sake of Allah.

The reality of Ramadan is beyond what we do in a big gathering. It’s how we work on our nafs and rectifying our hearts, to purify it from any forms of spiritual sickness. Remember that iblis worship Allah for thousand of years and with pride and arrogance, iblis was expelled from heaven. So what do we become when Ramadan leave us? Are we going to improve ourselves? Or we lax ourselves because ifs not the month we consider as ibadah. This is when we need to realise how sincere we are with Allah.

May Allah grant us this realisation that we need to keep improving ourselves and to work on our nafs. May Allah make everyday in our life as Ramadan.

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